p  r  o  f  i  l  e

s p a c e BUREAU was founded in Tucson, Arizona in 2014 and brings with it over 10 years of architectural and building experience. The studio was founded by Mihir Bavishi and Oscar Lopez, both of whom are Arizona natives. space BUREAU offers high-concept design combined with full architectural, interiors and master planning services in addition to complete design + build services that follow the master builder traditions of forming alliances with other architects, craftsman, artists, designers, and builders. The practice, like the work, strives for a higher ideal; that of a cooperative practice. To cooperate is to act or work with others with a shared vision and common aspiration. space BUREAU sees no disciplinary boundaries, only the boundaries of the design under consideration. Therein lies the need to collectively strive to uncover the generative questions and discover answers through each person’s contribution to advancing the work at hand. That means involving clients, crafts people, fabricators, friends, family and staff every day in the creative process.