p h i l o s o p h y

Our philosophy and values guide the direction of each new commission and are consistent regardless of scale or complexity. The design team of space BUREAU is actively engaged in a daily process of searching for creative insights with an emphasis on finding connections between the otherwise disparate entities of environment, culture, discipline and architecture. A deep affinity to place is another aspect space BUREAU’s work is a testament to a practice who builds with sensitivity, precision, and insight into the fundamental conditions that define a sense of place within our rapidly changing world. No matter where the project is, the physical landscape, its specific environment, and its rich history are pursued and revealed through the exploration within the work.

Another aspect that space BUREAU explores is a heightening of our everyday experience. One’s sense of reality is strengthened and articulated by an interaction of all our senses. Every moving experience is multi-sensory; qualities of matter, space and scale, are measured by our bodies - our eyes, ears, nose, skin and muscle. space BUREAU’s architecture aims to strengthen our sense of being in the world, essentially giving rise to a strengthened experience of self. Lastly, space BUREAU pursues a thickened atmosphere of light and color. An architecture that possesses a rich, sensuous, thickened atmosphere of spatial light, created by a series of encounters with concentrations of light, color, and materials. It is an ever changing light that reveals its beauty slowly, over time of day, throughout the year. These are things that bring our soul and intellect into alignment.